Analisi essenziale dei Consumi e del valore, segmentazione dei consumatori e gusti, canali distributivi, gestione dei falsi e contraffazione, l'importanza di internet, dogane e tassazione, documenti ed etichetta, il posizionamento dell'Italia con riferimento al primo semestre 2021.


Our study combined a comprehensive survey of Chinese consumers, in-depth research, and observations from our work advising companies in China. The survey was conducted from May to July 2019, and is part of a series of comprehensive surveys of Chinese consumer behavior conducted by McKinsey since 2005. The survey sample included approximately 5,400 respondents from 44 cities, representing approximately 90 percent of China’s GDP and more than half of its population.
We conducted online research with respondents, covering consumers’ general attitudes and purchasing behavior, key trends regarding their consumption patterns and leisure habits, and attitudes toward life, success, money, and health. The survey included a deep dive into apparel, cosmetics, and fast moving consumer goods categories, including food, personal care, and household products. Our research was supplemented by additional research that McKinsey is conducting on consumer sentiment in 26 countries. Results from our 2019 Global Sentiment Survey are available on


We have all witnessed how digital advancement and eCommerce have transformed China’s retail landscape and brought incredible growth. Yet, increasingly the question on everyone’s minds now is how much longer digital innovation can further fuel the growth in retail, and what the next growth driver might be. Some would suggest that in the future “new retail” might be the key catalyst to unlock the next wave of retail growth.

Through our extensive retail work in China we have increasingly observed that new retail has extended into broader meanings and applications across the entire industry value chain. It is the mean rather than the end to reflect the constant evolution of customer needs and preferences as driven by social, demographic and technological trends. In this article, we set out to explore three core propositions from our first-hand dialogue with many leading internet giants, retailers and investors.


PwC conducted 1,378 interviews in September and October 2018 with CEOs in 91 territories.

Of these interviews, 204 were conducted with food industry CEOs from organizations in 58 territories, most of whom came from consumer goods and retail sectors. Organizations from wholesale, agriculture and food service sectors were also represented among the food industry respondents.

The food industry is being transformed by changing customer behaviour and innovation. Of all the world’s markets, China’s retail food and restaurant sectors have seen the fastest introduction and adoption of new technologies.

Food industry CEOs are confident in their companies’ own growth prospects over both the near term and the long term.

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